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Don’t Fail: How to Profit from Process Excellence in the Energy Sector

Mike Bonine, Vice-President for North American Operations at Talisman Energy, joins Helen Winsor of PEX Network to discuss Talisman’s Process and Operational Excellence Programme.
PEX Network: Mike, you’ll be speaking at IQPC’s Energy Process Excellence Summit in Aberdeen this September. Can you tell me about Talisman’s Process and Operational Excellence programme? How mature is it?

M Bonine: Our programme is about two, two and a half years, mature, so we’re still, I would consider, in our infancy stages. But we actually have started off using some consultant at the beginning to get this kick-started. But now we have a programme that is actually self-sufficient within Talisman at this moment.
PEX Network: What are the top three priorities for operational excellence at Talisman over the next six to 12 months?

M Bonine: The three top priorities that we’re working on currently: the first one is actually looking at managing our daily improvements. And when you look at this concept of improvements and how we’re managing that, you have to consider your standard work that is in place for employees, but also how we actually utilise visual management so that we actually can look at our performance and understand where our costs are and where our key metrics are at within the process.

The second thing is actually looking at engaging our leadership, and that really deals within what we call the three Cs: The level of commitment from our leadership, the clarity of the message that they are providing for the organisation, and the consistency of that message. And we do define our leadership within three tiers. We have our top leadership that definitely has to drive and be part of the culture change that we’re espousing here at Talisman. But we also are very focused within the middle management group, so when we look at team leads – we look at supervisors, frontline supervisors – they are also leaders that have to actually have that commitment, the clarity and consistency that we’re looking for.

And then we actually look at everyone in the organisation as a potential leader, as a leader within their areas of work that they’re focused in on. So a lot of the frontline workers are also considered to be leaders that have to make sure that that commitment, clarity and consistency is there and they’re engaging.

To read the transcript in full and access the mp3, please click here: http://bit.ly/jfva0v

Related event: Mike Bonine will be among the speakers at IQPC’s Energy Process Excellence Europe Conference, due to take place at the Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland from 26th – 28th September 2011.


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Shunk Witko has been working in and around the energy industry for the last fifteen years. Currently, he is a media consultant for Energy iQ, the community web portal for IQPC's portfolio of events in the Energy Sector.


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